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The entire range of ADATA SSD-passes to the form factor of 7 mm

ADATA Technology Company announced that it has produced all SSDs are now thinner and lighter. According to the manufacturer, at a thickness of 7 mm of its existing and future models of SSD-drives are ideal for installation in thin laptops and ultrabooks.
The thickness of a conventional hard drive form factor 2.5 "9.5 mm. However, due to the current trend towards a more thin and light notebook manufacturers are placing new demands on all structural components of the PC, especially the hard drives. New SSD-drives ADATA thinner than its predecessor by 26% and is not inferior to them in speed, capacity and reliability. In particular, the new SSD-drives come complete with plastic extenders that allow them to establish and traditional compartments 9.5 millimetroovyh drives.

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