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MTS-Ukraine has a week of unlimited "Opera"

The mobile operator "MTS Ukraine" announced the launch of a new proposal for a mobile Internet users - "Unlimited Internet with Opera Mini for 7 days."

"Unlimited Internet with Opera Mini for 7 days" - expanding the line of MTS services that allow unlimited use of the internet using a web browser for mobile devices, Opera Mini. As stated by the operator, the new service is started as part of long-term joint project with Opera Software - developer of the popular mobile browsers - Opera Mini.

Service "Unlimited Internet with Opera Mini for 7 days" will be available from March 1 for all subscribers of "MTS Ukraine". It can be ordered via USSD-request * 101 * 140 #. Order value - 7 uah. (Including VAT and excluding PF, 1 ~ $ 8.1 USD). After seven days, with a positive balance of the mobile account, the effect of the service is automatically extended.

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