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Samsung begun the Beta program for their latest “New Note UX” UI

Earlier today, Samsung has begun rolling out the Beta program to selected Galaxy Note 5 users in China and Korea to test out their latest Android-based UI dubbed as the “New Note UX”.
“New Note UX” 1
It is understood that this new UI will also be rolled out to the Galaxy S7e/S7/S6/S6e/S6e+ devices and will not be limited only to the Note 5. If nothing went wrong, the new UI is expected to be rolled out by August this year. Thanks ming for the tips!
“New Note UX” 2
“New Note UX” 3
“New Note UX” 4
“New Note UX” 5
“New Note UX” 6
“New Note UX” 7
“New Note UX” 8
“New Note UX” 9
“New Note UX” 10

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