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The 10 Companies Millennials In The U.S. Trust The Most: Samsung Tops The List

Every year, we take a look at which companies out there in the world are considered the most reputable—by nation, region and overall. It also pays to look at what millennials think. They are, after all, a 75.4 million-strong generation between the ages of 18 and 34—larger in number than the Baby-Boomers.

 The information we use to understand which business entities people respect comes from The Reputation Institute (RI), a reputation-management consulting firm based in Boston that launched in 1997. Since it’s founding, the firm has offered corporate clients strategies and insights into how they might gauge and improve their reputation among customers in various markets around the globe.

This year, RI zeroed in on U.S. millennials and used its proprietary scoring system to discover which companies they find the most reputable. We took RI’s results and created a gallery of the top-10. Check it out below.

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