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Samsung Electronics to Use Same OLED Material from Galaxy S7 for Its New Galaxy Note

Samsung Electronics is going to use materials that were verified from Galaxy S7 for OLED Display of new Galaxy Note. Due to this plan, Samsung SDI, The Dow Chemical Company, and Idemitsu Kosan that had supplied materials for Galaxy S7 will benefit once more.
According to an industry on the 21st, Samsung Electronics has chosen Samsung SDI, The Dow Chemical Company, and Idemitsu Kosan as suppliers of OLED materials for new Galaxy Note that will be released in this August.
Samsung SDI will provide phosphorescence green host while The Dow Chemical Company and Idemitsu Kosan will provide red and blue materials respectively.
Although definite amount of supply is not confirmed yet, it is expected that these 3 companies will hold sole right of supplying OLED materials if OLED display’s characteristic of not giving almost any changes after composition is decided is considered.
These 3 companies also had supplied their materials for Galaxy S7 that was released in March. “These 3 companies will have huge performance this year since they are chosen as suppliers of OLED materials for Samsung Electronics throughout this year.” said a representative for this industry.

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