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AirHub, the Hub of Huawei User Group Meeting

World leading operators, enjoying a gentle breeze in June, gather in Shanghai to attend Huawei User Group Meeting, discussing network construction and operation, and service development, as well as sharing successful experiences in business. Huawei's AirHub solution unveiled during the User Group Meeting immediately steals focus and attention from all interested admirers. As one of the quintessential wireless transmission solutions featuring simple and flexible installation and deployment, it helps to significantly reduce operators' resource investment and further accelerate agile site deployment.

Transmission, functioning as logical channels within the mobile network, is a key contributing factor for network performance and reliability. With extensive city development, difficulties arise in site construction and fiber transmission resource acquisition, which have plagued operators for a long time. In cities with dense collections of skyscrapers, when new sites are deployed in areas with weak signal or a complete absence of signal reception, the reconstruction of transmission fiber optic cables affects building structures and often results in high lease expenses. In remote suburban areas or on sea islands, the deployment of fiber optic cables is increasingly difficult and costs more money. Huawei's AirHub solution, based on customer experience, aims to help operators solve issues related to site deployment and transmission through the elimination of coverage holes in urban areas, and an expansion of coverage areas in suburban areas or sea islands.

The AirHub solution employs FDD Relay, a radio relay backhaul technology, which facilitates the connection between base stations (that lack fiber transmission resources) and other macro base stations, whilst ensuring transmission over the air. Compared with traditional fiber transmission solutions, the AirHub solution facilitates site acquisition and deployment with no dependence on fiber resources. Featuring fast speed, high flexibility, and an impressive return on investment this solution is applicable to numerous scenarios, including streets, buildings, stations, villages, and maritime habitats. Unlike microwave transmission, AirHub supports non-line-of-sight (NLOS) transmission with no requirement for the installation direction. Only a relay remote node (RRN) needs to be installed in the base stations (with no fiber transmission resources) to provide reliable network transmission.

Huawei's AirHub solution is currently fully implemented for Xiamen Telecom. Soon, the realization of this unsurpassed technology will be introduced across other cities to solve operators' difficulties in transmission, simplify site deployment, and bridge digital divide.

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