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Huawei Hosted Data Center Facility Conference Europe 2016, Leading the Way in Data Center Revolution

From June 27 to June 28, when the UEFA Euro 2016 was at its height, a data center festival –Data Center Facility Conference Europe 2016 was held in Frankfurt, Germany. Themed as " Leading the Way in Data Center Revolution" and hosted by Huawei, the conference attracted data center experts, end users, business partners, integrators, and industry media personnel from Europe to discuss the data center development trend and solutions in the era of big data.

In recent years, cloud computing and big data have greatly boosted the development of Internet services, posting ever more challenges on data centers which carry Internet service data. Europe is a key region where data center services have a great potential. Dan Scarbrough, co-founder of DatacenterDynamics and Gautham Gnanajothi, senior analyst from Frost & Sullivan shared their insights on the development trend of the data center industry. The market requires data centers with ever higher power density and reliability, and modular UPS and data center solutions are the key to satisfying the requirements.

To cater for rapidly changing market requirements, end users and ISPs such as Telehouse, NGD, and KPN all expressed their willingness to expand the data center business. How to build efficient and reliable data centers in a limited time on limited land resources have become a concern for the entire data center industry.

In the conference, the senior architect Li Dianlin from Tencent, which is both an ISP and end user, said that future data centers will have simpler structures, and the simplicity of modular data centers helps break constraints and bottlenecks of traditional data centers at an era with rapid ICT development.

Fang Liangzhou, Vice President of Huawei Network Energy Product Line, said, "With the rapid development of the ICT industry, data centers have gradually turned from operation support tools into major production systems which help enterprises to earn profits. In recent years, Huawei has been accelerating its customer-oriented product R&D in the data center industry, helping global customer build various types of high-performance data centers. As a long-term plan for the data center industry, Huawei will continue to increase its investment on product R&D, and will provide customers with data center solutions that are simpler, more reliable, and more efficient.“

Huawei has also released some leading data center facility products: UPS5000-S with industry-leading module efficiency up to 97.5% to optimize the data center energy performance; UPS5000-E battery integrated solution cuts the footprint by more than 50% and simplifying maintenance; IDS800 and IDS500 micro modular data centers feature innovative infrastructure and small footprints suitable for small and medium-sized data centers; and prefabricated all-in-one containerized data center solution IDS1000-A which is compact and can be quickly deployed in various ICT application scenarios.

Huawei also explained its policy on channel partnership and support, emphasizing that Huawei will stick to its strategies of being integrated, building an open and cooperative product chain ecosystem, and creating more values for partners. Huawei is grateful for the support and help from partners, and is looking forward to win-win cooperation with more partners in the future.

In the conference, Huawei granted the "Best Partner" award to PCL, Wohrle, and Elinex, and granted the "Best Practice" award to Noris Network and BIT.

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