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Did you know? You have Samsung to thank for your HTC 10 selfies

I have always had a genuine respect for HTC’s selfie cameras. No, I don’t take selfies all that often, but I know a good selfie camera when I use it. In the limited experience I had with the One M7 and One M8 over the last few years, I gained respect for the saturated, up-close colors that define their cameras. Some think the oversaturation is too much for quality photos, but I am, after all, an AMOLED fan who loves oversaturation and doesn’t mind the same in her photos; I can’t deny it.

Well, I decided after picking up an HTC 10 of my own about 8 weeks ago to take a look at some general information about HTC’s greatest smartphone yet. Yes, I like the IP53 splash resistance, the Super LCD5 display (yes, this is the HTC marketing term for its LCD panel), as well as the chamfered edges (though I’m not crazy about them, as some of my fellow journalists seem to be). Every review and article you’ll read will brag about HTC’s rear-facing camera in the HTC 10, but what about the front-facing camera?

HTC 10 users, you have Samsung to thank for your selfies.

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