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Talk is Cheap With the Next Generation of WiFi Calling: Republic Wireless Launches Nine New Android Smartphones and Clear Choice™ Plans Designed For Simpler Savings

To make it even easier to tap into considerable savings, WiFi Calling innovator Republic Wireless is now selling the latest unlocked GSM Android Smartphones from Samsung, Motorola and the Google Nexus line by LG and Huawei. The WiFi-first disruptor is the first and only wireless carrier to return the savings that are gained from seamlessly combining the power of both WiFi and the full 4G LTE services of a nationwide GSM network back to consumers.

Industry innovator Republic Wireless is dialing up the pressure on the bigger carriers with its popular WiFi Calling service. The company is now offering some of the lowest priced plans in the market along with a significantly increased range of device options. The new lineup consists of nine new phones from leading Android smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola and the Google Nexus Line by LG and Huawei.
Starting today, consumers may purchase the following Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphones at RepublicWireless.com:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - $799 (or as low as $48 a month*)
Samsung Galaxy S7 - $699 (or as low as $42 a month*)
Samsung Galaxy J3 - $179 (or as low as $11 a month*)
Samsung Galaxy S6 - $549 (or as low as $33 a month*)
Nexus 6P by Huawei - $499 (or as low as $30 a month*)
Nexus 5X by LG - $349 (or as low as $21 a month*)
Moto X Pure Edition - $349 (or as low as $21 a month*)
Moto G4 - $199 (or as low as $12 a month*)
Moto G4 Plus - $299 (or as low as $18 a month*)
Republic’s Adaptive CoverageTM blends WiFi with cellular to create expanded network coverage for consumers that is less expensive to operate. The Clear Choice Plans pass those savings on to customers in the form of being 40%-60% less expensive than comparable plans from the big carriers:
Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data /$15 a month.
Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 1G Cellular Data / $20 a month
Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 2G Cellular Data / $30 a month
Unlimited Talk & Text + WiFi Data + 4G Cellular Data / $45 a month
Note: While Republic’s marketing focus will be on the $15-$45/month price range, which addresses the needs of the vast majority of US subscribers, plans with up to 10GB of monthly cellular data are available.
Beyond its initial list of devices, the company is continuing to rapidly test and certify additional smartphones that can be enhanced with their Adaptive CoverageTM technology. They expect to announce additional lower priced phones in the coming months. On August 11th consumers will also be able to purchase a SIM card from Republic Wireless and activate an account using their own Android smartphones from the list of approved devices.
“With Republic Wireless talk is cheap - literally. From day one, our goal has always been to create a quality mobile service that was remarkably affordable.” said Chris Chuang, Chief Operating Officer of Republic Wireless. “The fact is the majority of consumers are within range of a WiFi network most of their day and yet are still paying like they are on cellular 24X7. Our patented technology uses the WiFi networks consumers are already paying for to lessen their cellular use and ultimately reduce what they end up paying for their mobile service. Today’s announcement is a significant leap forward in our mission to lower everyone’s mobile phone bill.”
Republic Wireless has earned a loyal customer following and prestigious awards such as PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for “Highest User Satisfaction for plan costs in the nation” as well as top rankings in Consumer Reports and more.
About Republic Wireless
Recognized for excellence in customer service by PC Magazine and as the top pre-paid carrier choice by Consumer Reports, Republic Wireless is on a mission to provide remarkably simple and affordable ways to stay in touch with anyone, anywhere, in any way. A division of Bandwidth, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Republic Wireless leverages the power of both WiFi and cellular networks and gives consumers the ultimate flexibility to manage costs. The service uses WiFi in the home, office or anywhere else as the primary network for calls, texts and data. When outside of WiFi coverage, the smartphone works just like a typical smartphone on the cellular networks of national carriers. Visit http://www.republicwireless.com/ for more information. Media resource center here.
Based on the advertised purchase price at 10% APR for 18 months. Eligibility and rates for Affirm financing are based on applicant’s creditworthiness.

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