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July security patch arrives at Dutch Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Vodafone only)

Samsung made ​​yesterday announced details of the security patches for the month of July , which will be rolled out in the coming period update form to different Galaxy devices. And today already able to install the first Galaxy S7 use (st) ers exactly that update.

Do you have your 'flat' Galaxy S7 purchased directly from Vodafone? Dan is now firmware version XXU1APFG waiting for you. The Android operating system, of course, remains completely unchanged, in terms of version, but at least 50 small and less small improvements are made to safety.

Update 8-7: After the update for the edge-less S7, the same update and firmware version is now available on Vodafone's  branded S7 Edge.

It is expected that other models in Samsung's Galaxy S7 series - Galaxy S7 Edge, but also the various  unbranded and  branded device variants - will receive in the coming days and weeks these same update. We'll keep you posted!


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