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Samsung Galaxy S8 focuses on virtual reality

Niels Summer 2016-07-26 No Comments 650 views
The announcement of the Galaxy Note 7 is getting closer and that means that the attention is slowly but surely will be focused on the following flagships of the company: the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge . The last weekend we have from China for the first received information about the Galaxy S8 series, internally also known as Project Dream.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Dream project would be a reference to the virtual reality capabilities of the Galaxy S8. The Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels of the current models is actually just to be a little too low for all its focus into virtual reality appears. The resolution is in fact halved because the content for both eyes to be calculated separately, while your eyes are also much closer to the screen than normally. To solve these problems would have developed the company's new amoledscherm for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge with a 4k resolution, 3840 x 2160 pixels, which increases the number of pixels per inch significantly.

Samsung is not the first manufacturer with a 4k-phone, as introduced in late 2015 Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with the same resolution. This resolution, however, was only used when displaying photos and videos in 4K, because the hardware at the time was not yet powerful enough to access the Android interface smoothly again at this higher resolution.

Virtual reality in 4k

We suspect that today's chips also are not yet powerful enough for 4k, but could be changed that in 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 may be powered by the Snapdragon 830-SOC Qualcomm. According to an earlier roadmap this chip is produced using a 10nm FinFET-process, which ensures lower power consumption and faster performance.

Earlier this month appeared rumors that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge would be equipped with a 4K display that is 5.5-inches in size . Samsung showed this new type of screen during techbeurs Display Week in San Francisco, but it still labeled as a prototype, making it not obvious that the screen is used for a device that will be released this year.

It is expected that the Galaxy S8 line introduced in early 2017, around the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which starts on February 27, 2017. In addition to a regular edition will also likely greater Edge version with a curved screen, this year the company released the Galaxy S7 (5.1 ") and S7 Edge (5.5") from. According to the Korean media, Samsung plans next year to launch five flagships, including the foldable Galaxy X. The design of the Galaxy S8 series is probably an evolution of the current models, consisting of an aluminum frame and a front and back of Gorilla Glass 5.

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