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Earn $5 for every friend you invite to use Samsung Pay

Following the release of its Samsung Rewards program yesterday, Samsung has kicked off a new promotion for all users of its mobile payment platform. Starting today through December 31, customers will have $5 added to their Rewards balance for each friend they invite to use Samsung Pay.

Don’t be thinking that you can trick the system by creating a new account and inviting yourself as you will only be compensated once your friend makes their first purchase using the service. Thankfully, there is no minimum amount, so if they buy a box of Sour Patch Kids for $1, you’ll still receive your free $5.

What’s neat about this particular deal is that both parties will be compensated for the transation. Upon completing their first successful in-store payment using Samsung Pay, your friend will have $5 added to their Reward card, too, making this an entirely win-win promotion.

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