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Galaxy Note 7 AOD is a “stolen” feature, Motorola says

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is making waves in an unprecedented way, with the company’s latest phablet, S-Pen-toting flagship pulling such large numbers unseen with previous Galaxy Note models that even Samsung has been caught off-guard (if you’re still waiting for your Galaxy Note 7 pre-order shipment to arrive, you’re witnessing this firsthand).

And yet, wherever there is celebration, trouble is always lurking. That seems to be the case for the Korean giant, who has now been thrown a curve ball on Twitter from none other than Motorola, a rival Android OEM that, like most other OEMs, has been silent throughout the Galaxy Note 7 rumor and release period.

Motorola took to Twitter to say that Samsung has copied its Always On Display feature (called Active Display back on the 2013 original Moto X): “In what galaxy is it okay to steal competitor phones’ cool features?,” the company asked frankly.

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