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ZX-Twin Galaxy S7

Dual SIM adapter for SaDualsim adapter ZX-Twin Galaxy S7 Dual SIM for Samsung Galaxy S7

ZX-Twin Galaxy S7 is a dual SIM card adapter for the Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7.
With this device, you can install and use two SIM cards (nano SIM and micro SIM size) ) in your Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone and transform it into a dual SIM mobile..
You can make calls, send and receive your SMS / MMS messages, and access Internet/data with your 2 SIM cards in a single Samsung Galaxy S7.
In addition, if you already have the Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy S7, you can convert it into a triple SIM mobile phone using the ZX-Twin Galaxy S7.
The SIMore menu appears automatically in your phone's main menu to manage your 2 telephone numbers.
Easily choose your SIM card to access data and browse Internet.
Name your SIM card to know which phone number is connected and avoid all roaming fees.
This is helpful for travellers, businessmen, or anyone who uses more than one SIM or phone number (business SIM / private SIM / international SIM).
If you have a Dual SIM Galaxy S7 and want it dual SIM as well as having an SD card then this is the perfect solution, you can put our adapter reader under the SD card and then put your second SIM card on the end of the adapter which goes around the back of the phone.


Convert single SIM Galaxy S7 into a dual sim card Galaxy S7
Convert dual SIM Galaxy S7 into a triple sim card Galaxy S7
Integrate and use 2 phone numbers on one single smartphone.
Data and internet access through 4G LTE.
Avoid roaming charges abroad.
Separate private life and professional life.
Quick and easy installation.

Technical specifications

- 2 SIM locations (1 nano SIM and 1 micro SIM)
- Manual switching function
- Name your SIM cards
- Supports GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, 3G, LTE, 4G, WCDMA, HSDPA networks


For Android Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones
Works with all SIM cards in nano SIM and micro SIM format
The ZX-Twin Galaxy S7 dual SIM is compatible with all mobile phone operators


Requires to unsimlock your mobile phone to use SIM cards from two different providers
Some SIM cards need to reboot the phone after the switch
You have to use a protective case compatible with the Galaxy S7 to maintain the dualSIM adaptermsung Galaxy S7 - 3G 4G compatible

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