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Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It was only a matter of a minutes ago that Samsung unveiled the latest iteration in its Galaxy Note lineup, the Note 7. If you’ve been following our Twitter page, I’m sure you already know that we’ve been reporting live from the event and have had an opportunity to get our hands on the device, so it’s only fitting that we bring you a brief report on our initial impressions after playing around with the handset for a little bit. It’s important to note, however, that this isn’t a review by any means, and it’s perfectly possible that our opinions could change between now and the time that our comprehensive feedback goes live later this month.

So, without further ado, I present to you our first impressions on the Galaxy Note 7.


Samsung has raised the bar once again with the design of the Galaxy Note 7. The device features a 5.7-inch curved screen that wraps around the aluminium side frame at almost 90-degrees, which creates the illusion that there’s no bezel. This results in the handset being perfectly symmetrical, giving it a more professional look. The South Korean firm has also managed to cut the weight of the unit by 2g when compared to the Galaxy Note 5. Although this raw figure may not seem like a lot, you can actually feel the difference when holding both units in your hand. This is something that I found to be very surprising as it’s rare to hold two generations of a device in the palms of your hands and be able to feel a contrast in weight.

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