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Level In ANC

At one with the music
In tune with the world around you
Looks and sounds sharp

At one with the music Immerse yourself in deep, clear sound. The new Level In ANC earphones drastically minimize surrounding ambient noise by -20 dB so you stay connected to the music you love. At one with the music In tune with the world around youTalk-in Mode allows you to stay fully immersed in high-quality music while safely keeping an ear on your surroundings so you can go about your business without any risk.In tune with the world around youLooks and sounds sharpMusic that looks as good as it sounds. Featuring dynamic canal-type earphones and an elegant three-button slim remote cased in a genuine metal finish for the ultimate in stylish design.Looks and sounds sharp
ANC Earphone
32 Ω
Frequency Response
20 ~ 20 kHz
94 dB ± 3 dB


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