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The Samsung Gallery is updated with face recognition and other news

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 have received these days a small software update , according to the official changelog , introduces performance enhancements, optimizing Bluetooth and NFC, and fixes some bugs. One new feature, however, passed unnoticed is the contemporary update the Gallery passing to version 3.0.9. The novelty of the new Samsung Gallery are several, among which we find the recognition of the subjects for an automatic cataloging of photographs, already in operation, for example, on Google Photos for several months. But what for us in Italy is a novelty worthy of note is the cataloging of photos for people through the recognition of faces, features that Google has not yet made ​​available in our country. To use this feature simply press the button Search and then select the filter,  which can be a photo of a person or a scenario or other suggested by the application filter, such as pets . An alternative is to open a picture where a person is present and click Imm. Related top, in this way will be the photo proposals in which that person is present. From our tests the function of recognition of persons is not as effective as that of Google Photos, however, it is a good starting point Another change concerns the Stories, a sort of album that generates an animation clip with music in the background, features very similar to the popular HTC Zoe and who joins the functions and Soul Collage already present with the previous version.


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