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Right Hear Right Now: ZTE Set to Bring Breath-taking Audio to IFA 2016

ZTE, one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, will present its latest array of smart devices at this year’s IFA in Berlin. Featured among them, will be a brand new device launched during the company’s press conference on September 1.
“We’re delighted to be debuting our latest products to the world in Berlin,” says Adam Zeng, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices. “Our fan community played a huge role in the development of our new smartphones, delivering valuable input that helped inspire and motivate our team. The result is a suite of devices that pack cutting-edge, innovative features and the latest technology.”
ZTE primarily targets its products at consumers who call for devices that combine user-friendly functionality with stylish design and premium features. The company also continues to address customers’ ever-increasing expectations of superior smartphone audio quality – with enhancing the audio experience a particular focus for the most recent AXON device series.

Unparalleled “audio-enjoyment”
Today’s smartphones double as our daily audio-visual entertainment hubs, on which we capture our most memorable moments. From listening to our favourite songs while relaxing or replaying a spine-tingling performance from a recent concert – they provide the soundtrack to our lives. Until recently however, audio recording and playback has been something of a shortcoming for smartphones.
In order to deliver the high-quality audio experience being demanded by consumers, ZTE consulted with a team of audio professionals including the Golden Ears Conservatory of Music for the creation of its newest flagship AXON 7, a top tier device with arguably the best audio quality in a smartphone which opens up entirely new level of experience for the sector.
Ambitions for 2016 and beyond
With a successful first half of 2016 under its belt, ZTE has high ambitions for the remaining months of the year. According to the market research firm Counterpoint Technology, ZTE Mobile Devices ranked among the Top 6 smartphone manufacturers globally and ranked fourth in smartphones shipped in Europe in Q2 2016.
“In 2016, we are planning to sell 60 million mobile devices worldwide, while we would like to challenge ourselves further to sell 70 million. To reach our ambitious goals we are continuously differentiating ourselves in a hyper-competitive device market by enabling more intuitive user experiences, powering invention with R&D and patents, and adopting a thoughtful approach to marketing and branding,” commented Zeng on ZTE’s strategic objectives.
ZTE at the IFA
The ZTE Press Conference will be held on September 1 at 2.30pm in Hall 14.2. Journalists interested in attending are asked to apply for accreditation by contacting ZTEDeutschland@we-worldwide.com.
Throughout the show the ZTE booth, which is in Hall 25, Booth 105, will be showcasing the company’s latest innovative advanced products under the theme “Right hear, right now.” The booth will also feature spectacular entertainment, such as a virtual reality game that is designed to highlight the AXON 7’s VR capabilities by taking players on a conquest up an icy mountain peak.

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