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ZTE Flagship Smartphones AXON 7 and AXON 7 mini Land in Japan and Russia

ZTE, one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, has now launched their flagship smartphones the AXON 7 and AXON 7 mini in both Japan and Russia. Press conferences to announce the devices were held today in Japan, with appearances by famous Japanese singer Ayaka Hirahara and ZTE brand ambassador world-renowned pianist Lang Lang, and yesterday in Russia. These new smartphone models bring unprecedented sound quality and incredible design that are sure to draw attention in both markets.
“The AXON 7 and AXON 7 mini are truly ZTE’s most prized models and safely named the biggest news of the year,” said Alexander Tsai, head of the ZTE Russia office. “We have put a lot of effort into these models, and the result has been excellent. I am glad that Russian customers are now able to appreciate our new smartphones.”

Professional Quality Audio
The AXON 7 and AXON 7 mini are making waves in the audio industry with their unparalleled Hi-Fi audio capabilities. The AXON 7 is equipped with two dedicated AK4961 and AK4490 audio chips, while its little brother, the AXON 7 mini, has a single dedicated AK4962 chip. Both phones have front-facing dual stereo speakers for incredibly clear and powerful sound that is on par with professional grade audio equipment. The smartphones even boast Dolby Atmos® 3D sound for a complete theatre-like experience in the palm of your hand.
“The sound produced by these smartphones is truly remarkable and unlike anything we’ve ever heard before,” said Li Ming, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices Japan. “This smartphone line is the first of its kind in Japan, bringing Dolby Atmos® to handheld devices. In a country that focuses so heavily on cutting edge technology, we are pleased to introduce the unmatched audio of the AXON 7 and AXON 7 mini to Japan.”

Packed with Premium Features
Audio isn’t the only remarkable feature of these smartphones. The all-metal unibody was designed alongside Designworks, a BMW subsidiary, and uses precision engineering to achieve the seamless curvature of the generous Corning Gorilla Glass 5.5-inch (AXON 7) and 5.2-inch (AXON 7 mini) touchscreens that mesh beautifully with the phone body for a smooth and natural look and feel. An advanced fingerprint scanner is conveniently located on the backside of each phone for fast and easy unlocking.
The AXON 7 and AXON 7 mini fully deserve the title of flagship devices. The AXON 7 has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, with dual-SIM/microSD combo tray support and Quick Charge 3.0. This larger phone is equipped with a 20MP OIS rear camera and 8MP front-facing camera. The smaller AXON 7 mini has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, dual-SIM/microSD combo tray support, Quick Charge 2.0, a 16MP rear camera and, like the AXON 7, an 8MP front-facing camera.
Japanese Market Information
ZTE has experienced success in Japan with its previous products and is expecting that the introduction of the AXON 7 series will increase sales channel performance by a factor of 3 to 5.
The AXON 7 and AXON 7 mini will be sold in Japan as SIM-free and unlocked, available for pre-order beginning October 13 and will be available for purchase on October 21. The AXON 7 is priced at 59,800 Yen and the AXON 7 mini at 39,800 Yen.
Russian Market Information
ZTE is currently ranked 2nd in the smartphone market in Russia, according to Counterpoint Research data for the first half of 2016, with success expecting to continue with the release of the AXON 7 flagship series.
Starting October 12, both smartphones will be available in Euroset stores, with other retails stores set to sell the devices beginning November 1. The AXON 7 is priced at RUB 39,990 and the AXON 7 mini at RUB 23,990. A 0-0-24 installment plan will be available for both models with monthly payments of RUB 1,667 for the AXON 7 and RUB 990 for the AXON 7 mini. A 0-0-12 installment plan will also be available.
A special promotion is available for customers in Russia who purchase the ZTE AXON 7 from myzte.ru/smartphones/axon/axon7 before October 31. Each buyer will receive a pair of AKG Y50 headphones by HARMAN as a gift.

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