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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 3,100mAh wireless charging battery pack review: a winner with quirks

I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge since March 9th when it arrived at my doorstep (2 days before the phone went on sale worldwide, thanks to being a Verizon pre-order customer), but I’ve never been too keen on battery packs despite my love of battery cases.

Most battery packs tend to quickly wind down in terms of battery life after a month or two, and so many charges can quickly deplete the juice they have that it gets to a point where you’d rather just carry the phone with a sealed battery than carry a case that can only get you an additional hour of battery life (at most, after less than 500 charging cycles – though Mophie, for example, has promised up to 500 charges being covered under warranty).

But, when I saw that Samsung had provided its own take on wireless charging battery packs with one designed for the Galaxy S7 and another designed for the Galaxy S7 edge, I decided to take a leap of faith and invest in yet another battery pack that was designed to run out after so many charges.

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