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Samsung will take care of all T-Mobile customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7 too early and can’t claim their free gift

Customers who pre-order the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States have the option of either getting a Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB microSD card as a free gift for buying Samsung’s new flagship handset. However, many T-Mobile customers have been facing issues in claiming their free gift because of the way T-Mobile’s ordering system works. Samsung’s redemption system was simply telling those customers that they were not eligible for the free gift because they had placed their order outside of the promotion period.

This issue is due to the way T-Mobile ordering system works. T-Mobile is based in Washington – a state on the country’s west coast – which is why it uses the Pacific time for its system. Customers who actually placed a pre-order for the Galaxy Note 7 at 1am Eastern time, their order was logged by the system as being placed on August 2 at 10pm.

Samsung’s gift redemption website is only accepting submissions from customers who placed a pre-order for the handset between August 2 and August 28. It’s programmed to automatically reject orders that are outside of this date range. Customers then reached out to both Samsung and T-Mobile who initially did not provide a solution for this problem. However, Samsung has now sent out a statement acknowledging the “minor error” in the redemption system.

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