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Samsung Won’t Confirm Daydream Note 7 Compatibility…Yet

We asked Samsung if the Note 7 is compatible with Google’s upcoming Daydream mobile VR platform. The response is essentially a “no comment.”

Here’s the actual statement:

“We have a great, long standing partnership with Google and will continue to work with them on many fronts. We will stay tuned as Google provides more information on Daydream this fall.”

Normally such a non-statement wouldn’t warrant a story, but whether or not the Note 7 works with Google’s system is an important question. The answer is likely as simple as the fact that, yes, it is compatible, but Samsung just announced a new Gear VR and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to limit sales of that headset. That’s probably what would happen if you tell people a Google VR headset is right around the corner for the same phone.

Back during Google IO in May, when the Daydream VR platform was formally unveiled, Samsung was listed on-screen as an official partner that would be creating “Google Daydream-Ready” smartphones.

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