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Shipment of Black Onyx Galaxy Note 7 delayed in India by a week

The Blue Coral version of the Galaxy Note 7 has been all the rage since the device was made official earlier this month, but India and Dubai are two markets where the blue variant hasn’t been launched. In India, it looks like the Black Onyx Note 7 has attracted the most consumers compared to the silver and gold variants, as Samsung’s official store now lists the shipping date of the black version as September 8th. That’s around a week after the actual date the phablet is supposed to go on sale in the country.

The silver and gold versions are still shipping from September 2nd, so it looks like the Black Onyx option has seen considerable demand. It’s unclear if this means that people who pre-ordered the black model when the shipment date was still September 2nd will also be receiving their phones late; hopefully, the delayed shipment will only affect those consumers who didn’t manage to get in a pre-order early on, although the high demand for the Note 7 around the globe means anything is possible.

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