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Universal 3-in-1 lens kit available for 58 percent off from the SamMobile Shop

Another day, another deal at the SamMobile Shop. If you’re interested in taking professional-grade photos using your smartphone or tablet then this universal 3-in-1 lens kit is right for you. Any one of the three lenses can easily be clipped on a smartphone or tablet’s camera to capture professional-grade photos.

Smartphone cameras are getting better every year and these lenses enable users to augment their performance. The kit includes three lenses – a 180 degree fish-eye lens, macro lens and a wide-angle lens. A carrying pouch is included so it’s easy to take the kit along even when you’re on the move. The kit normally costs $29 but we are offering it at a 58 percent discount for $11.99. Purchase it now from the SamMobile Shop and get free shipping if you’re in the United States, international shipping is also available.

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