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Virtual Reality Box Headset available for 36 percent off from the SamMobile Shop

There are plenty of VR viewers and headsets available for those who want a taste of virtual reality and we’re offering one at a great discount via the SamMobile Shop. The Virtual Reality Box Headset is a simple virtual reality viewer that’s available for a limited time at a 36 percent discount from the SamMobile Shop.

It works just like any other VR viewer. Slide your smartphone in the box and immediately get a virtual reality experience. The VR Box Headset is designed with high-quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material so that it doesn’t cause fatigue to the eyes and provides a good VR experience. Its plug-and-go functionality makes it compatible with almost all smartphones. The headset features optical axis sliding control to adjust pupil distance and sight distance while the high-quality lens keeps images distraction free. The Virtual Reality Box Headset normally costs $29.99 but can be purchased for a limited time from the SamMobile Shop for $18.99. International shipping is available.

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