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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Company Seeking Note 7 Users For New Commercial; Exciting Paid Project, Audition Or Send In Your Videos

Samsung is looking for people who currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone for a paid project. Those who will be chosen will also be given the chance to travel to New York City for free for the shooting of the new advertisement for the Samsung mobile phone.

As per the e-mail being spread by Genuine, a New York-based company, they are looking for real current and former Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users. They want people from all walks of life to speak about their experiences with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Note 7 recall due to the exploding handsets, and their overall experiences with the tech giant.

The users who would like to participate in the making of the advertisement for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are urged to appear in person for the auditions being conducted in the Chicago area, Auditions Free reported. For the interested Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners who could not appear personally, they could send in their video auditions online.

However, before submitting their videos, they are to fill in a form online. People interested in being part of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shoot should go here. Questions such as the person's name, email, contact number, city or state, and Samsung-related queries will be found in the online form.

Project Casting reported that the payment would be a minimum of $600 per day and the shooting will be from October 10 to 17 in New York City. The interviews will not be paid but the travel and hotel expenses will be paid by Samsung.

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