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Ahead of Diwali relaunch, LG is having some fun at the Galaxy Note 7′s expense

Samsung never got around to launching the Galaxy Note 7 in India because on the day the handset was supposed to be released the company ended up confirming the battery cell defect and issuing a global recall. Customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 7 in India still haven’t received their units. It was reported recently that the Galaxy Note 7 will be relaunched in India prior to the festival of Diwali which would make sense as a spike in sales is normally seen before the festival. LG obviously wants to sell more of its smartphones during this time so it’s having some fun at the Galaxy Note 7′s expense.

LG is randomly sending out text blasts to customers in India, the message says: “Heard the news of exploding products? At LG, our products go through multiple tests to ensure safety of our most valuable asset – YOU. Have a safe Diwali with LG.” The jab at the Galaxy Note 7 is as clear as day in this text message.

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