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Daily Deal: Grab yourself a Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0 for just $117.99

If you’re on the lookout for a new tablet for consuming media and surfing the web, but don’t want to fork out a ton of money for flagship specifications, you may want to listen up. While stock lasts, you can bag yourself a brand new Lollipop-powered Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0 with 8GB of expandable storage for just $117.99.

As you’d expect, the Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0 isn’t going to win any awards in the power department, but it still packs enough of a punch to see the average consumer through their standard day-to-day use, which may include responding to emails, playing games and watching videos.

Like the sound of the Galaxy Tab E Lite 7.0 and want to take advantage of the promotion? Simply hit the Buy Now button below. We strongly advise you to hurry, though, as Amazon only has a limited amount of inventory available for this specific deal, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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