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Galaxy Note7

Dear Chinese consumers:

For the recent Galaxy Note7 fuel loss incident to consumers to bring the anxiety and distress, we express our sincere apology.

In order to ensure the safe use of our products in China, we decided to stop selling Galaxy Note7 products in mainland China and to recall the products sold in mainland China. The Galaxy Note7 burnout occurred at home and abroad. All the country line version of Galaxy Note7 products.

We have actively communicated with the relevant government departments on specific recall measures such as the return of products or the replacement of other products. We pledge to make every effort to ensure that the implementation of relevant measures is carried out in a convenient and efficient manner. For further information, we will be through the Samsung Electronics official website (www.samsung.com/cn) for publication, consumers can also Samsung Electronics Service Center (400-810-5858) to understand the specific situation.

For the inconvenience to the Chinese consumers, we once again express our sincere apology, Samsung Electronics adhere to "do the Chinese people's favorite enterprises, contribute to the Chinese society enterprises," the commitment to uphold the quality and service first conviction for China's consumption Bring the best products and experience.

October 11, 2016

China 's Samsung Electronics

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