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Samsung announces recall in China as the sun sets on the Galaxy Note 7

When Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide last month it said that customers in China were not affected by it since the units shipped in the People’s Republic had batteries from another supplier. It only recalled some 1,800 units which were sent out as test devices prior to the official release. That didn’t stop reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 units but Samsung didn’t recall the handset in China. The country’s state broadcaster slammed Samsung for having an arrogant attitude towards Chinese consumers but even that didn’t manage to change the company’s stance.

Samsung today confirmed that it’s halting production of the Galaxy Note 7. The flagship will no longer be sold. Those who are still holding on to their units are advised to power them down and either obtain a refund or exchange it for any other device. Samsung has now announced a recall in China as the sun has finally set on the Galaxy Note 7. It will recall more than 200,000 units in the country. The company has apologized to customers in the country and has posted a statement on its Chinese website, a machine translation is posted below:

Dear Chinese consumers:

The recent Galaxy Note7 fuel damage events brought to you the consumer anxiety and distress, we express our sincere apologies.

We attach great importance Galaxy Note7 burning loss event occurred recently at home and abroad, in order to ensure that Chinese consumers can feel at ease using our products, we decided to stop selling the National Bank Edition Galaxy Note7 products in mainland China, and recall sold in mainland China all BNM Edition Galaxy Note7 products.

Country line version of the Galaxy Note7 returned product or replace other product recalls and other specific measures, we have proactively with relevant government departments of the communication. We pledged to make every effort to ensure the implementation of related measures at convenient and efficient manner. For further information we will be released by Samsung Electronics official website (www.samsung.com/cn), consumers can understand the specific situation by Samsung Electronics Service Center (400-810-5858).

For Chinese consumers to inconvenience, we once again express our sincere apologies, Samsung Electronics adhere to the “Chinese people love to do business and contribute to China’s social enterprise” commitment to uphold the quality and service first conviction for Chinese consumption bring the best products and experiences.

The Galaxy Note 7 has met its inevitable end. It’s sad but Samsung will now be looking towards the future, and that’s what consumers need to do now as well.


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