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How to replace or exchange the Galaxy Note 7 in the US

Samsung has urged Galaxy Note 7 users to power down the device and go through the return/exchange program with their local carrier. The process is a little different for all four major carriers in the United States. Here ‘s all you need to know:

Verizon is asking customers to do the return/exchange process via their website instead of visiting a retail store. This process requires customers to go to the company’s site, pick out a replacement device, sign into their account, and select the ‘upgrade’ option. Verizon will then send a special recovery box in order to ship back the troubled phablet. If customers wish, they are also entitled to a full device refund. The carrier will also refund any Note 7 specific accessories purchased through them. Customers will automatically receive either a $100 bill credit (in 1 or 2 billing cycles) if they choose to get another Samsung phone or a $25 bill credit if they choose a different phone.

AT&T customers have it a little different. If customers choose to stay with a Samsung device, AT&T will provide a $100 bill credit (applies in 1-2 billing cycles) for the inconvenience. For customers who prefer not to go with another Samsung device, AT&T will give a $25 bill credit. Business customers are being directed to visit a retail store. Any customer who currently has a damaged Note 7 can still partake in the exchange program without penalty.

Sprint encourages its customers to make an appointment online to start the process. However, it will also accept walk-in appointments. The next step of the process is to work with a retail store representative on selecting a new device. Similar to AT&T, Sprint is also giving a $100 service credit (takes up to 3 billing cycles) to customers who choose to pick another Samsung device or a $25 service credit if customers decide to select a completely different device.

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