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Oculus updates app to fix rapid battery drain on Samsung phones

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is one of the best and cheapest ways to immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience. The company collaborated with Oculus on this VR headset with the Facebook-owned company looking after the software as well. There was an issue with an app update that Oculus pushed out recently for the Gear VR because countless users reported that it inflicted rapid battery drain on their Samsung handsets.

Users took to social media and Reddit to complain about this issue. They said that their phones run really hot even when the Oculus app is closed and that the app is preventing their phones from going to sleep. They say that almost half of the battery is rapidly drained within a couple of hours of use with the Oculus VR app installed and running in the background. The issue was that the app got stuck in an installation loop. It continued to download and install even after the process had already been completed once. This caused the processor to continue running at a high rate which directly impacted battery life.

Oculus has acknowledged the issue and said that a fix has now been sent out. Users just need to update the app once more when they open it to completely get rid of this issue.


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