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[Power] Version Taiwan chip explosion new Note7 first flowering almost burst her ass

(Added: Third Edition moving news, the latest Samsung disposal condition)
For a new Note7 explosion actually happened! Taipei a Miss Lai (26 years old), yesterday late at night with only 10 days before the new for Samsung mobile phones Note7 out walking the dog, but less than 3 minutes, the phone suddenly exploded, she hurried out of the pocket phone onto the ground, staggering shocked looking at mobile phone constantly white smoke, the phone did not smoke, etc., before hurriedly covered with phone sets phone to leave, she cursed the gas, "and then later did not dare Samsung phones , causing me to almost flowering ass! "
"Might as well do not get a new phone!" Ms Lai said angrily, change to the explosion, baffled "super bad!" She said, late last night more than 11 points, one hand holding the dog, the other hand stays the umbrella walking the dog, Note7 phone is placed in the bottom right rear jeans pocket, usually the phone is on standby gentle not think, but only less than 3 minutes walking the dog, suddenly heard "touch" bang sound, feel that their ass hot, quickly put the phone onto the floor seconds, then the phone to get a lot of white smoke, she on the spot dumbfounded, watched out the phone for about 50 seconds before the white smoke to stop, when the phone is still very hot she took a phone installed in the above mobile phone sets, mobile phone tucked back to work place, angry please friends in face book PO associations, to encounter such a thing, "Apple" complaints.
Ms Lai said that on August 23 this year, spent 19,900 yuan a month to pay monthly with Taiwan Mobile 1399 contract, buy a Samsung mobile phone Note7, see the TV news coverage Note7 will explode after last month 27 Mucha returned to the store number, the replacement of a new Note7 phone, do not have any problems when used, nor fell over, only the use of relatively long time, the phone will feel hot hot, it will quickly stop using mobile phones, how to feed this event for a new phone later, actually explode.
Ms Lai expressed, Note series of mobile phones in addition to Note3, she has only been used for each, is the use of mobile phones Samsung Note series fans, but also more accustomed android software, but such bombings after her, the future will consider an apple or other brands of mobile phones, will not take his own life secure joke, Samsung will be required to refund, do not want to get a new Samsung mobile phone replacement, and will not be used again!
Lai Female 8 o'clock tonight to Taiwan Mobile stores handle returns and cancellation, a Samsung representative scene Zhizeng fruit gift, had wanted to send different models of Samsung mobile phones Lai woman, but the woman Lai said: "I am interested in Samsung phone no confidence! "Samsung mobile phone directly to the explosion back testing, the operational staff said it could not speak on behalf of the head office, no interview. (Burst center Lu Yunfeng / Taipei)


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