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Samsung knew that a replacement Galaxy Note 7 exploded and sent a man to the hospital but didn’t say anything

Samsung could soon have a big mess on its hands if it doesn’t take an official position on the incidents involving replacement Galaxy Note 7 units. There have been multiple reports in the past week about the supposedly safe Galaxy Note 7 devices exploding in exactly the same manner as the recalled devices. Samsung hasn’t confirmed yet if there’s a widespread battery cell issue with the new units as well but the company hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a safety issue in its most recent statement, it’s yet to say anything of substance regarding these reports other than it takes all reports “seriously.”

Samsung’s handling of the Galaxy Note 7 recall has already come under fire but this latest incident will make you question whether the company’s claims about customer safety being above all really have some weight to them. Michael Klering from Nicholasville, Kentucky woke up at around 4AM earlier this week to find his Galaxy Note 7 on fire and his bedroom filled with smoke. “I was scared to death for a minute,” Klering said. Later that day he started feeling sick and “vomiting black” so he had to go to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with acute bronchitis caused by smoke inhalation.

If that’s not troubling enough, consider the fact that Klering’s Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on Tuesday and Samsung knew about it. They reached out to him to take possession of the device but he declined. Samsung did pay to have the phone x-rayed. Klering had his replacement Galaxy Note 7 for little more than a week before it caught fire. He initially felt that Samsung was helping him until the company representative inadvertently sent him a text message that was meant for someone else. The text read:

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