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Samsung reportedly denied Gear VR refund to Note 7 customer because it works with other devices

Samsung is providing lots of options to those who are in possession of the discontinued Galaxy Note 7. They can opt for an exchange with another Samsung smartphone, pick any other smartphone sold by its carrier and retail partners, or just get a full refund for the failed flagship. The company is apparently not being that generous with those who purchased the new Gear VR for the Galaxy Note 7. One such customer says that he was denied a Gear VR refund by Samsung because the handset works with other Samsung devices as well.

Said customer purchased his Gear VR directly from Samsung after ordering the Galaxy Note 7 in August. He participated in the first replacement program to get a what was then claimed to be a safe unit. Now that the flagship has been discontinued and Oculus has disabled Gear VR support for the Galaxy Note 7, the headset is of no use to the customer but Samsung doesn’t seem to be willing to process the refund.

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