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Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 sells 30,000 units in two days

Samsung Electronics' new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has sold about 30,000 units in two days after the suspended sales resumed in Korea over the weekend.

Even though some of the purchases included preorders made before the recall, sources said the new Note phone has made a successful comeback considering a daily 10,000 unit sales are considered a “hit” within the industry.

Samsung Electronics opens Galaxy Note 7 experience zones at several shopping malls in Seoul over the weekend since the phone sales have resumed. Samsung Electronics

Samsung issued a global recall of 2.5 million Note phones on Sept. 2 after several explosion reports due to a faulty battery.

The company had suspended the phone sales over the past weeks while offering replacements with a new phone.

The new version has a green battery indicator whose size has been enlarged by 30 percent compared to the previous one.


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