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Huawei to Explore the Future of Better Smart Cities with Leading New ICT at SCEWC 2016

The 6th Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from November 15 to 17, 2016. Huawei will attend SCEWC 2016 under the theme of “Leading New ICT, Building Better Smart Cities,” and hold its global Smart City Summit on November 15. This Summit will provide an excellent platform for global thought leaders, industry experts, and customers from different sectors to discuss challenges in constructing Smart Cities and share best practices in the areas of urban operations, Internet of Things (IoT), and public information services. The Government of China, the guest of honor of SCEWC 2016, has invited Huawei to share its insights in Smart City development and its global success stories at the China Smart City Forum. Huawei also will demonstrate China’s best practices and innovation together with various cities at the guest of honor booth.

ICT is increasingly seamlessly blending into people’s daily lives and work: a growing number of countries are now focusing on capitalizing on technologies that better serve people, allow for more accurate and efficient decisions, and build safer, more convenient and more eco-friendly cities. Countries and regions – such as the US, EU, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore – have formulated national strategies on the development of Smart Cities. A global consensus has been reached: A Smart City solution is a comprehensive system that consists of a wide range of nodes, including investment, top-level design, integration, operations, service applications, and new ICT infrastructure. All these nodes must form a robust ecosystem to fully meet Smart City construction requirements.

Huawei is able to offer a collaborative architecture combining innovative ICT, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). On the architecture side, Huawei adopts open and easy-to-use communications, computing, and data service platforms, coupled with global delivery capabilities, to orchestrate a win-win Smart City ecosystem.

Huawei has more than 2,700 partners across the globe. It offers a rich diversity of end-to-end solutions to drive Smart City transformation in developed and developing regions. For instance, Huawei supported Amsterdam in the building of a Smart Central Business District and a Smart City; such innovative services could be extended to the rest of the Netherlands and across Europe. In Dubai, Huawei enabled the government to build a “Silicon Oasis,” using a sustainable smart habitat ecosystem to create a business center combining new technologies, unique ways of thinking, and cultures. In Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa, Huawei facilitated its upgrade from a digital city to a connected and efficient Smart City. In the coastal area of Shenzhen, China, Huawei transformed Longgang into an exemplary Smart City, in which the technological application was led by the concept of “Intelligence Stems from Connectivity, Values Derives from Sharing”; Huawei helped the local government facilitate its system integration through data-oriented operation, and gain a competitive edge during economic transformation.

Huawei will showcase three highlights at SCEWC 2016:

A 360-degree presentation of Huawei’s innovative achievements in Smart Cities: At C306, Hall 2 of Gran Via Venue, Huawei will team up with a variety of partners to exhibit innovative achievements in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility, and IoT. The Intelligent Operation Center based on Cloud Computing and Big Data helps to build high-speed command centers in a digital world. IoT-enabled smart municipal administration makes urban governance more efficient. New ICT creates quality and convenient public services, such as telemedicine featuring all-scenario connectivity which allows for optimized allocation of medical resources. Omnipresent cloud classrooms enable educational equality and the provision of rich educational resources.
Open speeches: During SCEWC 2016, Huawei will hold more than 16 enlightening speeches in collaboration with partners and government customers, including Honeywell, Esri, Hexagon, Veolia, Rivas, CityZenith, and AOD. They will showcase Huawei’s open platforms, business applications, and achievements in the Smart City ecosystem.
Smart City Summit: More than 400 global industry experts, analysts, and thought leaders will discuss Smart City challenges, solutions and visions at Huawei’s Summit. Participants will hear a speech titled “Smart Cities: by the numbers; for the people” and global practices delivered by a Smart City expert, and the “Exploration of Putting-People-First Smart City Practice” presented by the Big Data Research Institute of Smart City Shenzhen. IDC will release a “Smart City White Paper” to introduce the latest development statistics and insights. Customers from Dubai, the Netherlands, Shenzhen, and South Africa will share their Smart City practices. Partners will exhibit their latest Smart City solutions. The Summit will witness the innovative vitality of Smart City construction in China and beyond.
Huawei’s booth will be located at C306, Hall 2 of Gran Via Venue. To learn more about Huawei at SCEWC 2016, please visit:http://e.huawei.com/topic/smartcity2016-en/index.html

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