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October security patch for the Galaxy S6 (Edge, Edge Plus) - Update 1-11

On the last day of the month rolls update its October security patch within the  unbranded Galaxy S6 Edge Plus .  Update November 1 : Starting this patch is now available for the  unbranded Galaxy S6 Edge , and for T-Mobile's  branded Galaxy S6  and S6 Edge.

galaxy-s6-edge plus October patch updateThe Galaxy S6 Edge Plus get from now update its October security patch . Firmware version XXU3BPJ3 makes the Android operating system version 6.0.1, but in the  Software Info screen is the  Lev. Android Security Patch updated to 1st October.

The Galaxy S6 Edge rolls out firmware update XXU4DPJH (T-Mobile: XXU4DPJD both S6 models), which brings the same patch for this version of the S6 series. The patch includes a few fixes that Google released the Android operating system, and a handful of improvements for the security of Samsung's own modifications to the software.

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