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Life's Good Music Collaboration with H.E.R. | LG

 We’re looking for some talented musicians who want the chance to collaborate with @H.E.R. 

H.E.R. will select two instrumentalists and one songwriter, and once the song is completed, they’ll perform it together virtually.

Here’s how to collaborate with H.E.R.:

 1) Film a video with a brief self-introduction and perform the music depending on entry types below. 

     There are two ways to enter:

       A. Complete the song with lyrics and melody that follow what H.E.R. has written.

       B. Write and perform harmonies that accompany the 16 bars that H.E.R. has written on the instrument(s) of your choice. 

 2) Upload to your own YouTube channel or Instagram page with the hashtag #LifeisGoodMusic_LG

 3) Follow LG_Global on Instagram or YouTube

 4) Leave a comment saying that you have created and uploaded a video on the promotional video LG has posted on either YouTube or Instagram. 

  a) If you have uploaded a video to YouTube, comment on the promotional video posted on LG Global YouTube channel.

  b) If you have posted the video on Instagram, comment on the promotional video posted on LG Global Instagram.

Make sure your account is public! 

If you’ve been chosen as a finalist*, LG will comment on your YouTube video or send you an Instagram DM.   

*IMPORTANT: If you choose to participate as a finalist, all intellectual property rights, including copyrights and copyrights for all contents, generated by your participation in this audition, belong exclusively to "LGE".

You’re in for more than just a great experience—

you can expect to receive the latest LG OLED TV, LG gram (laptop), and LG TONE Free (earbuds).

The entry period ends on 17th September 2020 11:59pm (EST). 

We feel this is a great opportunity for all the musicians out there. 

#LifeisGood #LifeisGoodMusic_LG

Stay up to date by following @lg_global on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lg_global/   

And subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/globalLG

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