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[Daylog Episode 5] Coding during the day, cheese fire chicken at night? ON/OFF certain side, this is Dyria from India

 ※ All the filming process in the video was conducted safely in consideration of public health ※

ON at work!

Code as a software engineer

Communicate well with employees and make meetings smart!

At home...? Thoroughly OFF!!

Listening to music and taking care of yourself

Even with friends and a cheese-buldak party?!

Engineer Sandiana Diria from India

It contains joyful Korean life!

Chapter 1. Getting ready for work in the morning sun (00:00)

Chapter 2. Switch ON! Let's work, Diria!(00:57)

Chapter 3. Confrontation of Korean (?) with friends, bout of ending!

Chapter 4. Switch OFF when leaving work~!! Bulgumen is also a cheese buldak with friends (05:31)

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