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[Galaxy Buzz Live Challenge ②] Will Buzz Live be able to withstand even the feat of a national jumper?

 Galaxy Buzz Live takes users' listening experience to the next level. It adopts an open structure for comfortable wearing in everyday life, but often faces a'preconceived notion' that it will easily fall out of the ear. However, it's just a tilt, and if you wear it yourself, you'll be surprised by the sense of stability that sticks to it.

How can these cute little earphones that look like kidney beans don't fall off your ears easily?

Accordingly, Samsung Electronics Newsroom challenged the “Rope Skipping Challenge” for those who want to listen to music even when jumping rope.

Speed ​​jump rope over 100 times in 30 seconds, triple multiple jump rope, quadruple multiple jump rope and handstand.

Let's see whether Galaxy Buzz Live has kept its place despite the national team's splendid jump rope movements, and let's see the second challenge process through a video.

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