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Generation17 Young Leaders: How Shomy Chowdhury Turned Personal Tragedy into a Clean Water and Sanitation Movement

 Four hundred and sixty hours—a new record. That’s how much community service Shomy Chowdhury completed in a volunteerism exchange program to the U.S. that required 40 hours from its participants. For Shomy, though, accomplishing this milestone in high school was just the beginning.                             

Today, the 26-year-old is a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) advocate and entrepreneur in Bangladesh, dedicated to ensuring that everyone understands the life-threatening risks of poor hygiene and inadequate sanitation. She has traveled the world to give educational talks in marginalized communities where she teaches the importance of personal hygiene, removing the stigma around menstruation, proper handwashing, and food safety.

“I want to reach those who are the hardest to reach—communities where no one else would go,” says Shomy. “Because if we don’t go, then who will? And if not today, when?”

Motivated by Tragedy

Her passion for educating others is rooted in an unimaginable personal loss.


Gen17 Shomy

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