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Holiday Engagement: Holiday Gifting with Samsung

 The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 helps purpose-driven entrepreneur Adam Braun make the most of the season.

Galaxy Z Fold2 Holiday Engagement - Robb Report

From his snow-covered perch on Utah’s Powder Mountain, Adam Braun is preparing for a holiday like no other. The 37-year-old entrepreneur, with his wife, Tehillah Braun, and their 4-year-old twins, Bayla and Dylan, have decamped to the Beehive State to enjoy a season immersed in nature, far from their home in Westchester County, north of New York City.

Galaxy Z Fold2 Holiday Engagement - Robb Report

Like so many of us in this work-from-home era, Braun is trying hard to conclude this complicated year on a positive professional note. In 2008, he founded Pencils of Promise, a purpose-driven organization that builds schools in the developing world. He now serves as an emeritus board member for PoP, a role that involves reaching out to business leaders to generate fruitful relationships for the organization. He also acts as a formal advisor to fellow entrepreneurs, including the founders of Backdrop, a direct-to-consumer company aiming to disrupt the paint industry, and Planetary Hydrogen, a climate-change startup.

Braun’s biggest professional priority, however, is the startup he’s building to address climate change, due to launch in early 2021. “Specifically,” Braun says, “it will enable individuals, companies and institutions to generate significant financial returns while conserving the world’s most important environmental resources.”

Staying connected—to family members on the East and West coasts, to colleagues and collaborators around the world and to friends near and far—is of utmost importance to Braun, which is why, this year, he’s grateful to have the new Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung’s next-generation smartphone, by his side.


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