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Samsung Celebrates Excellence in App Design and Innovation With the 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards

 Samsung today announced the winners of the 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards to celebrate the contributions of app designers and developers to Galaxy Store. The awards recognize content developers for excellence in design, innovation, quality and performance.


The 22 winners of the third edition of the Awards were revealed during a virtual 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards award ceremony. In addition to recognizing the best apps, games, watch faces, and smartphone themes, Samsung expanded the Awards to include Bixby.

Galaxy Store received a redesign this year, adding new features to give gamers more ways to discover unique gaming experiences and take advantage of exclusive benefits for Galaxy users. The new, streamlined layout coupled with its curated selection of the best games and gaming perks transformed Galaxy Store into the ultimate mobile destination for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Galaxy Store continues to include themes and watch faces, allowing users to customize their Samsung devices to suit their moods and express their personality.

“The success of Galaxy Store is determined by the creativity and dedication of the Samsung Developers community,” said Jong Woo, Vice President and Head of Game Ecosystem. “We relaunched Galaxy Store to create a go-to place for mobile games and a vast array of content for users to personalize their Galaxy devices. This year’s winners truly represent the best across all categories.”

Here is a highlight of the winners from the 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards.

Best Themes Collection – butterfly-effected GmbH

Featuring dynamic animation effects and spectacular designs, butterfly-effected GmbH’s smartphone and watch themes take the mobile user experience to the next level. The German digital content provider has also partnered with some of the world’s most popular brands, including Minions, South Park, Hello Kitty, and more, to bring fans closer to their favorite characters.


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