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Greatness never ends: The First Look 2021 | Samsung

 Samsung is bringing innovative technology to screen experiences in a way you’ve never seen before. 

At its 9th First Look event, the tech trailblazer goes digital to introduce its latest creations, technologies, and a new vision for a sustainable and inclusive future.

See it all for yourself in the comfort of home. Greatness never ends, it evolves. Meet the Neo QLED at The First Look 2021

00:00 The First Look 2021

00:15 You're invited

01:30 Opening speech from JH Han, President of Visual Display

05:40 Eco-Packaging and SolarCell Remote

11:10 Accessibility

16:56 Vision: Screens Everywhere, Screens for All

19:42 Neo QLED: Intro

21:20 Neo QLED: In-home Activity

27:20 Neo QLED: For enhanced experience

33:11 Lifestyle TV


44:56 Closing speech

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