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Samsung Spotlight: Adrian Mujkanovic – Restricted

 Congratulations to Adrian Mujkanovic, one of our #SamsungSpotlight​ competition winners! Shot #withGalaxy​ in 8K, his mesmerising modern dance, inspired by his lockdown experience, represents the feeling of being outside versus being closed in and restricted.

In the wake of the pandemic, #SamsungUK​ wanted to show its support to performing artists from around the UK and Ireland. So we invited them to showcase their skills by uploading videos of their unique performances to Instagram using #SamsungSpotlight​. As part of their prize, we re-shot the winners’ videos in glorious 8K to showcase their talent in our new digital advert. And the brilliant results are what you can see here.

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Watch more Samsung Spotlight winning performances here: http://smsng.co/Spotlight_UK

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