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“Education Explorers”: Episode 1 -Distance Learning Solutions for Teachers | ASUS & Intel

 Any teacher will tell you that it’s been tough since switching to remote and blended learning. Teachers still have to deliver the best education possible without disrupting their students’ learning in any way. Educators are faced with compounding challenges, navigating their new normal with lots of unknowns. 

Many things have changed. Our commitment to educators has not. ASUS and Intel have partnered to provide solutions designed with the needs of educators and students in mind. We believe that with the right tools, educators are capable of accomplishing incredible things and will reshape the way we teach and learn for the future. We are rethinking technologies for tomorrow's teachers, parents and students, wherever their classroom may be.

In this new world, we are all Explorers. This is ASUS Education, powered by Intel.

Learn more at : https://asus.me/Educationyt​ 


Designed for Explorers. Education for all.

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