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[ENG] [Super Mart] Arctic Fox and Mr. OS (EP.05 Note PC)

 Easy to understand the principle of operation of electronic products! fun!

I just watched the animation, but the principle of the electronic product in my mind... ?!

The fifth electronic product that stimulates the curiosity of the arctic fox! It's a note PC!

“Full of fun and weird things! It's so light and thin, and it's not even connected by lines! What other parts are doing what in this?”

Don't worry, let's go in'directly' to find out how the notebook PC works with the Arctic Fox right now! (feat.Mr.OS)

Chapter1. A warehouse where documents, photos, videos, and games are stored! SSD! Then that box is full of fun things~?! (02:38​)

Chapter2. Best helper RAM! It's all thanks to RAM here that you can do various tasks at the same time and quickly with your note PC? What Happens Here? (03:50​)

Chapter3. Long-awaited CPU ‘processing’ process! A CPU can make anything with only 0s and 1s! That amazing transformation was revealed! And even the surprise appearance of cute cores! (05:07​)

Chapter4. The meeting of a smart'wireless LAN card' that finds a router that can be connected around a notebook PC and a reliable'battery statue' that supplies electric energy to all parts! (07:13​)

+) Special Chapter. The arctic fox's notebook PC operation principle perfection game! In the name of [Arctic Fox's errand masterpiece!] (10:14​)

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