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[MiZi expedition] Shall we listen to the stories of 20 MZ generations together?

 What is Gen Z?! [MiZi exploration: 20 voices] that changed my mind

I heard a total of 20 thoughts from 1984 to 2003...

Make a two-do list and live regularly

Take your nutritional supplements for your health

The story of another MZ generation that seems to trust YouTubers!

Shall we find out together?

00:42​ What should I do with troubles that are difficult to share with my family and friends?

01:45​ What if only one function is left on the smartphone?

02:40​ Difficult to get 2 tickets for Choi Ae's concert

03:30​ What if I wake up in the morning and feel heavy and tired?

04:26​ Your new robot cleaner, your way to lead 200% performance?

05:34​ The delivery has arrived! What type of packaging do I want?

06:20​ I woke up thinking I was late! It was Sunday morning?!

06:58​ The first thing you want to do if the corona is over?

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