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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Mobile transformed into a tablet: run of up to 35,000 points

Some time ago the media reported that the U.S. FCC certification page appears on a model SGP412 equipment, this equipment is labeled "portable UMPC devices" instead of "mobile phone." It is likely that Wi-Fi only version of Xpeira Z Ultra, do not have the call feature Xpeira Z Ultra is undoubtedly a mini tablet up.

Today, this mini tablet SGP412 has appeared Tutu, whose run of results up to 35,000 points, the specific configuration and Xpeira Z Ultra same 6.44-inch screen, 1080x1920 resolution, using 800 MSM8074 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (no baseband version), 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, runs Android 4.2 system, dual camera 2.0 megapixel front camera, 8MP rear camera.
Compared to the previous generation of Sony Xperia Tablet Z 10.1-inch tablet, Sony SGP412 6.44 mini-tablet, the performance has a qualitative leap. But it is now the same size Xpeira Z Ultra phone, but the phone can not play, if the price is less, would you buy it anyway? I do not know on this mini Sony Tablet pricing will be like.

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